UK-China Network of Clean Energy Research

The UK-China Network of Clean Energy Research is sponsored by the UK EPSRC (Engineering Physics and Science Research Council) and includes investigators from the UK SUPERGEN (Sustainable Power Generation and Supply) consortia and leading scientists from Chinese institutions. The Network is operated by the Institute of a Sustainable World (ISW) at the Queen’s University of Belfast, Belfast, UK. The mission of the Network is to establish and develop links between the leading UK SUPERGEN and Chinese institutions in the general area of clean energy research for the promotion of research collaboration (joint research project and program), exchange of knowledge, best practice, training and expertise between UK and Chinese scientists and engineers.

Since it was launched in January 2007, the UK-China Network of Clean Energy Research has organized a series of exchange visits between Network members from the UK and China. It organized the 1st UK-China Workshop on SUPERGEN in October 2007 in Beijing, China jointly with the China EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute). The 2nd UK-China Workshop on SUPERGEN was held in Manchester, the UK in October 2008 and hosted by Joule Centre. The major event of the Network is an Energy Forum – the 1st International Conference on SUPERGEN was held in April 2009 in Hohai University, Nanjing, China. Over 400 people attended the conference.

International Conference on Sustainable Power Generation and Supply on SUPERGEN

September 8th,9th 2012
Hangzhou, China